Supporting a Thriving Culture OF ENTREPRENEURS


Small Business Funding in York, PA

The BLOOM Business Empowerment Center offers enhanced technical support, attainable capital, and access to opportunity which instills York with a thriving culture of entrepreneurship defined by our rate of business births, women owned businesses, and minority business enterprises.

Since its launch, BLOOM Grants have been distributed to small businesses/organizations in York County, Downtown York, York County Trail Towns communities, to women-owned businesses, start-up entrepreneurs, and graduates of the BLOOM classes.


207 BLOOM Grants totaling nearly $445,000 


72% of all grants have been awarded to women-owned businesses.


49% of grants going to businesses owned by persons of color.

Meet the TEAM

The BLOOM Business Empowerment Center is led by Sully Pinos, Executive Director, and Marlena Schugt, Program Manager. Leveraging the whole bench of the team of the YCEA, the BLOOM Business Empowerment Center team is here to help navigate small business paths – whether you are starting out, have a new idea, or are ready to expand.

Sully Pinos

Executive Director
BLOOM Business Empowerment Center

Marlena Schugt

BLOOM Program Manager


Meet the community leaders who make up BLOOM’s Advisory Board.


Access to Capital is a vital component for a business’s life span. To help startup and existing small businesses in York County accelerate and maintain their growth, the BLOOM Business Empowerment Center offers a variety of small business funding financing options that can eliminate barriers to capital. Through our educational programming services and one on one meetings, BLOOM can offer interested applicants with financial training and a step by step approach to seeking capital for their business.


Help your business blossom with a BLOOM grant. Grants make the impossible possible. Since the development of this micro-grant program in 2018, 170 BLOOM grants totaling $387,978 have been distributed so far. Read to start or expand your business? Learn more about unique funding opportunities.

Register for a CLASS

Developed with local partners in small business development, these multi-week classes are offered at no-cost to support entrepreneurs in launching their business and small business owners in growing their business.

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Join us for virtual workshops on the third Wednesday of each month to discuss a range of topic such as marketing, finance, customer service, local trends, and more.

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Through partnerships with SCORE, WBCO, and more, mentorships provide opportunities to pair with existing business leaders for peer-to-peer support.

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Helping YOU Succeed

Resources that HELP YOU SUCCEED

The BLOOM Business Empowerment Center offers a variety of resources to support small business growth and foster inclusive economic development in York County. From startup to mentorship to guidance through coursework, workshops, and talent development. Ready to get started?

When do classes start?
I have a business idea, where do I start?

Check out our Business Plan.

How do I register a business in PA?
How can I fund my business idea?

We offering many funding opportunities. Explore our loan options.

How can I meet other entrepreneurs?

Meet likeminded individuals through our networking resources. Learn more.